Personal Care & Medical

Personal Care
& Medical

Cosmetic ingredients require high safety, quality and functionality. Kuraray provides functional raw materials of high safety and quality, mainly for moisturizers, solvents, and fragrances.


Skin care & Hair care

Feel, safety and efficacy are important in skin care and hair care products. Kuraray's Isopentyldiol (IPD) is a moisturizer with excellent smoothness. Additionally, it has excellent antibacterial, cleansing, and solubilizing properties, reducing the amount of preservatives, detergents, and solvents and creating cosmetics that are gentler on the skin. It is also used in many high-performance hair care products because of its hair-repairing effect. Kuraray's synthetic Squalane is used in cosmetics as an excellent moisturizer. Kuraray is the world's only manufacturer of synthetic Squalane, and its high quality is widely recognized.


Kuraray's Isopentyldiol (IPD) is also widely used in makeup products due to its feel and antibacterial properties.


In nail products, high level of durability is required as well as good finished look. Kuraray's diols and polyols are used for urethane acrylates, taking advantage of their excellent durability, and are used as end consumer products in gel nail polish. It is used as a UV curing resin because of its excellent durability and transparency, as well as its low viscosity.

Oral care

Flavors are used in oral care to eliminate bitterness. Kuraray's Isopentyldiol (IPD) is often used as a solvent for flavors because of its safety and high solubility.

Perfume & Insect repellent

Ethanol is used as a solvent for fragrances and active ingredients in perfume and insect repellent applications. On the other hand, ethanol can be irritating, and many consumers, such as children and people with sensitive skin, seek ethanol-free products. Kuraray's Isopentyldiol (IPD) is also used in ethanol-free perfumes and insect repellents due to its high solubility.

Raw materials for fragrance

Various synthetic fragrances are used in consumer goods such as detergents and cosmetics. Compared to natural fragrances, which vary in scent and cost depending on the region of origin and weather conditions, synthetic fragrances do not vary in quality. They can be mass-produced at low cost and in stable supply.

Kuraray provides synthetic fragrance intermediates Citral, Isoprenol, Isovaleral, and Prenol.


Topical medication

Kuraray's synthetic Squalane is also used in pharmaceutical applications due to its high quality.

API Synthesis

MTHP has a solubility comparable to that of THF and can be used as a reaction solvent in many organic syntheses used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Since it is almost immiscible with water, no concentration process or extraction solvent is required, and MTHP alone can be used for all processes from synthesis to extraction. Therefore, the process is expected to be improved and simplified. It is also relatively safe, easy to handle, and friendly to humans and the environment.