Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Detergents and air fresheners require high-quality stability. Kuraray provides raw materials, mainly solvents, that achieve high stability.


Detergents/Cleaner require flexibility in formulation to demonstrate their cleaning ability. Since Kuraray's MMB is relatively stable from mildly acidic to alkaline, it can improve cleaning performance through formulation flexibility. It also contributes to viscosity reduction and low-temperature stability of highly concentrated detergent formulations.

Air freshener

Solvents are used in the preparation of fragrances for air fresheners. Using Kuraray's MMB, it is possible to control the odor of the solvent and stabilize the aromatic agent. In addition, the volatilization rate of the aromatic agent can be adjusted, minimizing compositional changes during volatilization and resulting in a more stable fragrance.