Diprenyl Glycerin Ether


CAS No. 2337348-25-9

DPNG is a liquid that can absorb oxygen. It suppresses the bad influences of the production processes and product qualities by absorbing and decomposition the oxygen. Moreover, it can be easily mixed with various materials due to liquid.


Suppression of UV curing inhibition

DPNG suppresses oxygen inhibition of UV curing by adding to UV curing formulations.

Suppression of resin yellowing

DPNG suppresses the yellowing of resins caused by oxidation. Furthermore, the appearance is expected to improve compared to conventional powder-type antioxidants because DPNG is liquid.

Suppression of pigment fading

DPNG suppresses pigment fading caused by oxidation.

Suppression of deterioration

DPNG suppresses the deterioration of metals and functional materials, such as UV absorbents caused by oxidation.


  • UV curable inks, paints, coatings, adhesives, 3D printing and electronic materials.
  • Resins include polyurethane, epoxy resin, pigments, functional materials such as UV absorbents, and metals.


Suppression of UV curing inhibition

Suppression of resin yellowing

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