Isoprene Chemicals Division

Business Outline

Since the start of isoprene production from isobutene in 1972, Kuraray has developed various isobutylene or butadiene derivatives using synthesis and catalyst technologies. Isobutene or butadiene derivatives are used in various applications, from specialty chemicals such as urethanes, detergents, and solvents to fine chemicals such as fragrances, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, and electronic materials.

Production site

Kashima Plant (Japan)

In 1972, the Kashima Plant was constructed in the Kashima Industrial Complex and began operations. Some functional chemicals such as MMB, MPD (a raw material for polyurethane), isoprene glycol (a raw material for cosmetics) and commodity chemicals are produced in the Kashima Plant.

Niigata Plant (Japan)

The operation started in 1977. Some special chemical products, such as agrochemical raw materials and electronic products, are produced in the Niigata Plant.

Kuraray Advanced Chemicals (Thailand)

A new plant was constructed in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, and production started in 2023. It mainly produces MPD, a raw material for polyurethane.

Main products

Raw material for polyurethane: Diol(MPD & ND), Kuraray Polyol
Solvent: MMB
Cosmetic ingredients: IPD
Fragrance: Citral, Isoprenol

Pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates
Resist monomers
Speciality chemicals