Isoprenyl Methacrylate


CAS No. 156291-88-2

IPEMA is a methacrylate with a methacryloyl group and another C=C bond; the reactivity differs from the methacryloyl group. The reactivity difference realizes unique features when you use it for UV-curable materials and polymer synthesis.


Low viscosity

IPEMA has exellent dilution performance for the formulations because it has low viscosity.

Fast curing

IPEMA has good curability because IPEMA can decrease oxygen inhibition regardless of low viscosity.

Coexist hardness and flexibility with low curling

IPEMA can coexist with hardness and flexibility, are generally a trade-off and realize low curling due to the specific crosslinking structure caused by two C=C bonds having different reactivities of IPEMA.

Improve flame retardancy

IPEMA can improve the flame retardancy of acrylics halogen-free by imparting phosphorus to acrylics.

Easy to provide reactive polymer

IPEMA realizes a one-step synthesis of polymers that have reactive groups by using them as a monomer.


  • UV curable inks, paints, coatings, adhesives, 3D printing and electronic materials.
  • Flame retardant materials and reactive polymers.

Example for Hard Coating

IPEMA realizes improving scratch resistance, keeping flexibility and low curling compared to the conventional reactive diluents. Moreover, it has good dilution performance and curability because it is sensitive to oxygen inhibition.

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