air freshener


MMB contributes to stabilization and long lasting of fresh scent
of air freshener due to following characteristics of MMB:

Low in odor

Compatibility with aroma chemicals
High in compatibility with wide range of aroma chemicals
Evaporation profile
Evaporation speed can be controlled and less variation of composition.
Co-surfactant effect
Less surfactant for water based formulations


Solvent for aroma chemicals
Solvent for air fresheners
water based wick
water based gel
reed diffuser
pump spray


Odor of MMB is less than that of glycol ethers.

Test method
Mixtures of each solvent and water were prepared (conc. of solvent : 0-20 weight%) and the odor of them were checked.

Ethylene glycol mono-butyl ether
Diethylene glycol mono-butyl ether
Dipropylene glycol mono-methyl ether
Propylene glycol

Compatibility with aroma chemicals

MMB is high in compatibility with wide range of aroma chemicals compared to glycols such as DPG.

Test method
Solubility of aroma chemicals in solvents was measured at 22-24℃.
Vanillin Ethyl
Coumarin Rosacetol Musk
Tonalid Menthol Linalool d-Limonene
36 39 12 19 11 9 45 46
35 35 17 23 16 9 40 45
29 27 8 14 4 2 5 42 32
36 15 2 8 1 1 1 42 2
41 20 2 8 2 1 5 43 10

Evaporation profile - 1

MMB is located in the middle of aroma chemicals in the vapor pressure curve.
And it evaporates with aroma chemicals together.

Vapor pressure of aroma chemicals and solvents were plotted.

Evaporation profile - 2 water based system

Evaporation profile of mixture of MMB and water was checked.

Evaporation rate can be controlled with concentration of MMB.
Long lasing of fresh scent can be achieved because of stable composition during the evaporation.

Test method
Mixture of MMB and water (200g) were charged to a beaker (300ml).
Evaporated them at 25℃ and weight and component were measured.

Evaporation profile - 3 solvent based system

Evaporation profile of solvents in different humidity was checked.

Evaporation profile of MMB is ideal.
Evaporation rate of MMB system is less influenced by humidity.
→ Fresh scent lasts long with MMB.

Solvents were charged to petri dishes for each and evaporation profile of them were checked.

Test method
Solvent (5.0g) was charged to a petri dish (9cm in diameter).
Evaporation profile, weight loss, were checked under the condition of 22-23℃ and 30 or 40 in humidity.

MMB as a co-surfactant

Water based air freshener was prepared to check performance as a co-surfactant.

Only MMB system was transparent and MMB works as an efficient co-surfactant.
→ Cost reduction of surfactant
→ Less clogging on wick because of surfactant

Test method
A water based formulation of air freshener was prepared
(Ingredients: water, surfactant, fragrance, solvent, etc.)
Three air freshener samples were prepared with MMB, DPM and Ethanol as a solvent for each.
(The formulation except for solvent was fixed.)

All experiments in this page were performed at Kuraray.