about kuraray polyol

<Kuraray polyol> are premium polyester / polycarbonate polyols which are used as raw material for polyurethanes.
<Kuraray polyol> are amorphous and liquid with low viscosity at room temperature thanks to the methyl branch of MPD (3-Methyl-1,5-Pentanediol) in its structure.
Polyurethanes based on <Kuraray polyol> are more flexible than polyurethanes based on conventional polyols.

As illustrated below, we have a wide range of polyester / polycarbonate polyols.

polyester polyols
polycarbonate polyols
*TMP: Trimethylol propane
composition M.W.
MPD / adipic acid 500-6,000
MPD / terephthalic acid 500-2,000
MPD / isophthalic acid 500-2,000
MPD / sebasic acid 1,000-2,000
MPD / TMP* / adipic acid 500-3,000
MPD / 1,6-Hexanediol 500-3,000

Left: MPD adipate
Right: Poly butanediol adipate
* both are MW=2000


Polyester polyols
adipate :
printing inks, coatings, TPU, synthetic leathers
terephthalate / isophthalate :
adhesives, coatings,
polyurethane dispersions
sebasate :
coatings, TPU,
Polycarbonate polyols
synthetic leathers,
urethane films, coatings